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Most people, whether they are herpetology enthusiasts or not, have heard of the Burmese Python (Python Bivittatus). But not everyone knows a whole lot about these amazing animals.

To those of us living the Burm Life, we wouldn’t know what to do without them!

This website was created to give us ALL – from experienced keepers, to those who are simply curious about them – a place to get together and learn from each other and share the joy that comes with living the Burm Life!

It was also created to give those in the industry a place to come together to support our various personal efforts to improve the world for these majestic animals, both in the wild, and those that are captive bred and raised.

A little bit about the Burmese Python

Indigenous to South and Southeast Asia, the Burmese Python lives a mostly nocturnal life, though they are known to be active and traveling during the day when necessary. In the wild, they will eat most mammals and birds that are accessible and appropriate in size. They are opportunistic ambush predators, and use their incredible ability to remain still – even sleep – while waiting for prey to come close to them. Having the ability to go extremely long periods without food is one of the reasons these socially timid creatures are able to survive in the wild, even when hunting isn’t so good.

Of course, in captivity, they don’t need to hunt for food, or deal with predators. All animals are born with the instinct to survive, and therefore, the instinct to defend themselves. But, just like cats and dogs, when raised properly as pets, they lose the fear of humans and other things in their day to day environment, and can become wonderful pets for those with the time, ability, experience, and resources to keep them safe, happy, and healthy. Of all the species of snakes in the world, the Burmese Python is known as one of the most docile in captivity, with one of the sweetest temperaments of any animal on this planet.


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